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The concept of Qi (CHI - in Chinese)

Qi is the POWER of creation. It is the Force that rules Energy, and the only force that can turn energy into Matter, and therefore it is the most important force behind the creation of the world, as we perceive it: earth, sky, wind, oceans and LIFE itself. However it must be clear, (although somewhat confusing) that Qi itself is not capable of creating LIFE. Qi may be seen as the force that brings energy and matter to the very brink of sprouting life, yet it is not capable of creating it by itself. The Traditional Oriental approach speaks of "three treasures": Qi, Jing and Shen. It is JING that stimulated by QI that creates Life, which is further given meaning, by the incorporation of "consciousness", brought about by the SHEN which can loosely be seen as our SOUL. One way or another, no life would be created and carried on without the initial function of Qi, which controls all MOVEMENT, whether it is the blowing of the wind, the flowing water in rivers, the burning of fire or the flowing of our blood.

The sources of QI are mainly the sunlight and the water, without which life is impossible. On the human/ animal body level the source of continuous Qi supply comes from Heritage (initially we inherit it from our parents), and from the moment of birth on - from Air and Food. To sum this up, Qi is everywhere; on the earth and in the skies, although its presence is more overwhelming when one watches the Niagra Falls, then while observing, say, the peaceful movement of the clouds on a sunny summer skies.

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Under any conditions the Holistic work provided by the WellPath Holistic therapists is NOT to be considered as an substitute to a medicinal intervention. The results of our work is considered Therapeutic but not Medicinal. We do not, under any circumstances claim to diagnose ,provide medical prognosis or promise miraculous recovery.  The act of signing the  Patient Medical History form is a waiver signed by the client waving any and all claims of liability for the development or worsening in client's medicinal physical and mental condition. Reminder : Therapeutic Massage in NOT sexual.  The following level of clarity  is apparently needed: the term 'full body' does not include the genital or anal regions.  Any licensed Massage Therapist who performs such acts should be reported to the  North Carolina Board of Massage Therapy or the Police.