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Some historical background

Although it is true to say that all forms of Massage and Bodywork are as old as any Healing, it is important to outline the systematic, gradual development that led to the creation of Shiatsu.

The very origins of Shiatsu are firmly rooted in the ancient Chinese/Oriental medicine. The first documented data is over 2500 years old and is rooted in the principles of self-massage and self-applied pressure point therapy, (namely Do-In), and used for healing, purification/detoxification, and stimulating energy. This approach gradually became an integral part of the existing health practices, and spread along with other Chinese healing arts throughout Southeast Asia.

Among these arts was the ancient "Massage and Point Pressing" known as Anma, and practiced in many cases by the blind, due to their extraordinary sense of "feeling through touching". The Anma, along with the previously mentioned Do-In, resemble, in many ways, today's Shiatsu.

Present day Shiatsu acquired it's name in Japan in the beginning of the 19th century. It was officially recognized by the Japanese government in the 1950's, following the intense efforts of Toru Namikoshi, the founder of modern Shiatsu. Namikoshi based his approach and theory by blending Western physiology with the Chinese-originated Anma and Do-In. Namikoshi associated between Western reflex points of the nervous system and ancient charts and pressure points of the Anma and Do-In.

It was not until the Japanese psychologist and Shiatsu therapist Shizuto Masunaga, following his own experience and perception that Shiatsu can be more effective, supportive, and more comforting if both hands of the therapist are participating simultaneously in the administration of the Shiatsu. Moreover, Masunaga taught a meditative type of sensitivity to the Energy Channels (Meridians) which, according to the Oriental Traditional Medicine, are the manifestation of the inter-relation of body and mind with the universe, thus Zen-Shiatsu was born.

At the same time that Namikoshi and Masunaga developed their approaches, other schools of Shiatsu theory were born, yet it is probably Masunaga's Zen-Shiatsu, and it's followers, that achieve the best clinical results. The bottom line is that it is not so much the method, as much as the therapist's personal attitude, sensitivity and proficiency that determines the success of the treatment.

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Under any conditions the Holistic work provided by the WellPath Holistic therapists is NOT to be considered as an substitute to a medicinal intervention. The results of our work may be considered Therapeutic but not Medicinal. We do not, under any circumstances claim to diagnose, provide medical prognosis or promise miraculous recovery. The act of signing the  Patient Medical History form is a waiver signed by the client waving any and all claims of liability for the development or worsening in client’s medicinal physical and mental condition. Reminder: We no longer offer Massage Therapy. In any case, Therapeutic Massage is NOT sexual. Prospective clients must have a clear understanding that no matter what therapeutic technique is applied - it has ABSOLUTELY no sexual arousing implied or intended.The following level of clarity is apparently needed: the term 'full body' anything, does not include the genital or anal regions. Any Therapist who performs such acts should be reported to the proper authority or the Police.