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Freeze Framer®
Freeze Framer® v2.0 Interactive Biofeedback System

 The Freeze Framer Is an easy to use interactive software & hardware system  that displays your heart rhythms and shows you how stress may be  affecting you. Much more than a heart monitor this revolutionary technology  will help you transform stress and anxiety into vibrant energy for personal  and professional effectiveness.



How Does It Work

When you are stressed, the typical negative emotions we feel when stressed like anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and worry lead to increased DISORDER in the heart rhythms and in the functioning of the Nervous System. In contrast positive emotions like, joy, love, appreciation, care and kindness create HARMONY in the heartmath™'s rhythms and in the nervous system. Other bodily systems and organs follow the lead of the heart and the nervous system and synchronize their function with this rhythm (known by scientists as COHERENCE ). Coherence leads to more mental acuity, creativity and better problem solving abilities. Since research proved that our emotions are not only things of the head - it is now understood that our emotions are reflected constantly in our heart beat and it's changes.

The Freeze Framer is a powerful, non-invasive tool allowing us to obtain measurements of the dynamics of our Nervous System, instantly analyze them, and by interrupting the stress response quickly bring the system to COHERENCE.

Following initial few brief learning sessions and a few weeks of short daily practice you can start using this tool by yourself during or prior to stressful situations or challenging events. Recommended times of practice are first thing in the morning, before sleep at night, or any time you want to rebalance or get an energy boost. The Freeze Framer v2.0 is the latest version of this remarkable system, packed with new features for improved performance. One of the most exciting features is the Tutorial, an interactive, multimedia book. The Tutorial covers all related topics from Getting Started through the Quick Coherence ® technique, the Science behind the Freeze Framer, and Applications of the Freeze Framer for Health, Education, Business, Sports and Fitness.

This new and improved system features improved USB sensors and allow for auto-gain-control for more sensitive readings and less signal loss. An optional USB ear sensor can be purchased separately from the USB finger sensor, and allow for hands-free operation.

All you have to do is quickly and easily install the software, plug in the sensor of your choice, and start to have fun with this unique interactive ability to see and control your bodies most powerful systems, the heart and the nervous system.

For additional information how you can learn to effectively stop the negative effects of stress on your life with the Freeze-Framer learning system and other simple - to - use tools and techniques call Yehuda (Jim) Lev: 919-960-9049 or e-mail him at

The Freeze Framer has been developed and researched over the past decade, and is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath and Quantum Intech, Inc.Quick Coherence is a trademark of Doc Childre.


Under any conditions the Holistic work provided by the WellPath Holistic therapists is NOT to be considered as an substitute to a medicinal intervention. The results of our work may be considered Therapeutic but not Medicinal. We do not, under any circumstances claim to diagnose, provide medical prognosis or promise miraculous recovery. The act of signing the  Patient Medical History form is a waiver signed by the client waving any and all claims of liability for the development or worsening in client’s medicinal physical and mental condition. Reminder: We no longer offer Massage Therapy. In any case, Therapeutic Massage is NOT sexual. Prospective clients must have a clear understanding that no matter what therapeutic technique is applied - it has ABSOLUTELY no sexual arousing implied or intended.The following level of clarity is apparently needed: the term 'full body' anything, does not include the genital or anal regions. Any Therapist who performs such acts should be reported to the proper authority or the Police.